Point cloud in a webserver

Viewing point clouds is difficult, it often requires special software to view it. What if there was a different way to view them if you could just view them in a browser.

There is. www.potree.org is a free open source program that can be used to to stream point clouds from you own server. However setting it up is not done via a GUI interface.

  1. Download and install XAMPP and start a local server
  2. Right mouse click an run XAMPP as an admin
  3. Download Potree convertor from github
  4. Install on C:\PotreeConverter_1.6_windows_x64
  5. Open up a terminal window using by typeing cmd
  6. Go to the root directory C:\ by typing cd\
  7. Copy and paste the point cloud you want to stream to your C directory. The point cloud should be in .las format
  8. With the .las in the C:\ Change directory using “cd” and go the potree convertor directory
  9. Run the program by typing “PotreeConverter.exe C:/pointcloud.las -o C:/xampp/htdocs/potree --generate-page pageName”


    • Potreeconverter.exe” runs the potree converter exe file.
    • C:/pointcloud.las” is the location of the las file.
    • -o” is the output directory
    • "pageName" is the name of the file
  1. This means that it will output a file called “pageName” to a folder called potree in the following path. “C:/xampp/htdocs
  2. To run the file, enter the following into the browser
  3. "http://localhost/potree/pageName.html"

Have fun!