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With current technology, quick & easy access to your building plans should be a given, not a pipe dream.  You need your plans now, not another project to manage - we get it.

Whether you need the level of detail and accuracy reflected in a 3D BIM model, or basic 2D floor plans of your home, office, or building, Scanforce delivers...faster.

We can update your digital files, digitize your paper files, or create both from scratch.  

Technology changes.  Fast.  We keep up with the latest hardware, software, and process innovations so you don’t have to.  

We are real estate people with deep experience in real estate investment, design, engineering, construction, operations, and management.  We understand the challenges because we’ve been in your shoes.  

Own the building.  Own the plans.

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The Scanforce Team

Isaac Kendall

Isaac Kendall P.E.



I've worked as Mechanical Engineer for the last 10+ years.  On retrofit projects, the as-builts were often wrong, pages missing or non-existent. Lack of accurate as-builts meant a site visit. But, after the site visit and I was back at the office, there was always one area that I forgot to measure or photograph.  

I've helped build ScanForce as a way to remove this frustration. With our walkable scanner, we capture everything and create a 3D model/2D plans of what is on site, giving engineers and architects more time to spend designing, rather than measuring and taking pictures.

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Rich Rusnack

Rich Rusnack


The success of any project depends upon a thorough understanding of existing conditions.  I’ve spent the better part of 20 years learning this to be true - many times the hard way. 

As a young real estate entrepreneur, focused on retail adaptive re-use projects, surprises in the field were the norm and rework too often eroded profit and pushed out deadlines.  During my time as an Acquisitions Analyst and Asset Manager on value-add deals at The Habitat Company in Chicago, I came to understand just how large an impact construction cost estimation errors can have on investment returns; and later in my career as the manager of a private equity real estate portfolio for the Leslie Rudd Investment Company, I came to appreciate the value of knowing the details of each building in our portfolio as we held contractors accountable to their budgets and timelines on projects large and small.

While working as CFO at Flux, the first company to be spun out of Google X, we discovered a new way to capture existing conditions using a cutting edge mobile laser scanner that was 15x faster than current tech.  Seeing the opportunity to pair this technology with a user experience similar to our favorite apps, we decided to launch  We’re committed to offering nearly instantaneous quotes, and complete 2D or 3D plans in 7 days, and we think that’s a good place to get started.

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