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Scanforce evolved from the need to generate digital models of existing buildings quickly, affordably and accurately.  The first step of every building project, whether it be new construction or remodeling an existing structure, is a comprehensive understanding of current conditions. 


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Before Scanforce, architects, engineers, and builders needed days or even weeks to visit a site, photograph it, survey it, hand sketch it, and annotate it prior to beginning the design phase.  Scanforce can deliver a quote in seconds, and final 2D plans or 3D BIM models within days.


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Every project is different.  Our projects range from homes to high-rises, and our products are designed to meet any need:  point clouds, floor plans, BIM models, 360° photo walk-throughs, schedules, or any custom requirement.

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Using the most advanced laser scanning technology, Scanforce will help you start your project faster.  The Scanforce team can be on-site within 24 hours, record all existing conditions within hours, and deliver complete digital plans within 10 business days.

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We guarantee the highest quality work, faster than you thought possible, at a fair price.  

Our LIDAR scanning technology collects existing condition data 15x faster than traditional methods.

We guarantee accuracy and complete satisfaction or we re-scan for free.

Fast, accurate plans drive predictability for all project stakeholders.

We are experts with next generation scanning equipment and software so you don’t have to be.